Three series: normal, heavy and Long life.

The hold-down bar and the handle move in the same direction. When the clamp is in the closed position the handle is vertical. This series features versions: normal, heavy and long life, succesfully tested more than 1.000.000 cycles.

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Main advantages in using clamps:
  • Since the clamping arm comes fully away from the working area and leaves unimpeded access to the fixture, this latter can be taken away or placed very easily
  • The setting of the piece becomes too fast, simply move the lever in the direction of fixing.
  • The force the clamping arm exerts on the piece is controlled by the lever, and may vary according to the force applied by the operator and the position of the tip against the clamping arm.

The forces exerted by the clips vary according to each model, size and shape. The signs of forces are provided in daN.

Stainless Steel Series

Some articles of the following series, are produced and available on stock in stainless version. This special products have been made in order to better satisfy the requirements and needs of food, chemical, pharmaceutics industries.

The raw materials used in this kind of clamps are: Stainless steel Aisi 304 for the casting parts, tapes, rivets and hooks; while stainless steel Aisi 303 is used for all the turning parts.

More information about items in this series are available in the column in red with Stainless title at the end of each page (pdf).

Normal and heavy series

The heavy version is used when there is a need to apply larger forces, i.e. when closing jigs for foams, polyurethane, etc. They can be easily dismounted to adjust or reshape the parts according to usage requirements.

Long Life Series

Long Life version is designed to work in extreme situations, requiring a greater durability. The construction of this clamp is made with cast elements and hardened pins.
In this version the accessories as clamping arm and handlever, can be welded according the utilization requirements.

Peculiarities and advantages:

  • Clamping and operating levers are made by wax casting;
  • Hardened and ground pivots and bushes;
  • Red, oil resistent, ergonomic handles;
  • Adjustable clamping arm guide.

For uses in medium and heavy duty clamping works, on welding jigs, carpentry works, moulds and generally when high forces and long life service are needed.




Forma A – Forma E
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Forma B – Form F
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Form AV – Forma EV
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Form AVF – Form EVF
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Linha Pesada
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Form A – Form E Long Life
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Form B – Form F Long Life
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Mecanismo Long Life
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Mecanismo Long Life
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Mecanismo Long Life
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