Die Sets Accessories

Clamp, Lifting Bracket and Shoulder Screws, always prompt delivery.
Die Sets Acessories
See also some accessories available in our product line:
• Clamp
• Trunnion
• Shoulder Screws

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The Clamps are available in models: G12- G14 – G18 – G24

Modelos: G12 - G14 - G19

Modelos: G18 - G24

Lifting Bracket

The trunnions are available in two models: B and B 01.10 02.05

Modelo B01.10

Shoulder Screws

C= Screw Diameter
D1= Spindle diameter
D2= Head diameter
E= Head height
F= Useful height screw
L= Length
R= Thread dimension
Material= Alloy Steel
Hardness= 37-43 HRC
Standard= DIN ISO7379

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