Valve Gate Controller

Timer Control Polimold
Total control for valve gate systems.
If you want injection with precision and total control of the flow in valve gate systems, use the Timer Control Polimold. A product that is practical and easy to handle.

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Sequenciadores de Injeção

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Timer Control Polimold controls the sequence of filling on the cavities, setting each nozzle individually, according to the injection requirement for each part.

Main Features:

Remove or realocate knit lines, turning them less visible.

Improve the injection's performance thru regulating the injection points.

Reduce the pressure of injection making it possible to use injectors with less power.


Models Zonas de Controle Código Cabo de Energia Voltagem
2 zonas TCP02Z5M 5 metros 220 OU 380V
Monofásico ou Trifásico
4 zonas TCP04Z5M
6 zonas TCP06Z5M


The Timer Control Polimold has 4 function modes, according to each injection requirement.

A Mode
Control the opening of the valve gate nozzles. the closing of them is simultaneous, according to the configuration of the injector machine (final time of injection).

B Mode
Control the opening and closing of the valve gate nozzles thru the "start injection" signal.

C Mode
Similar to B mode, but it is possible to program the valve pin’s closing time thru the press signal.

D Mode
Keeps the module turned off.


Polimold offers to our clients the security of acquiring a product warranted and with permanent assistance.

The Timer Control Polimold has 3 years of warranty, starting from the date of purchase.

We also have a technical department with replacement parts in stock, so as the maintenance service of the controller.

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