Spare Plates

Square milled plates with grinded surfaces for many different applications.
Placas Avulsas

Polimold Plates provide endless possibilities for the manufacture of molds, parts and components.

They are widely applied in devices, machines, molds, among other specifications.

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Undrilled plates are sold without additional machining being only square milled and surface grinded.


The plates can be supplied on the following steel:

  • #1 – SAE 1045 equivalent.
  • #3 – AISI P20 Equivalent
  • Another steel type must be checked at Polimold Sales Dept.
Terms of Delivery
  • The plates are provided with square milled sides and grinded surfaces with two finishing options as follow:
  • Rotary Grinding: +0,15/+ 0,30mm.
  • Tangential Grinding: +0,05/+0,15mm.

How to Order

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To request your plate, specify the thickness, dimensions A (width) and C (length), the type of material and finishing style.

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