Blades and Ejection Sleeves

Diversity of models and sizes to prompt delivery.
Buchas e Lâminas Extratoras
Polimold has permanent stock of sleeves and blades with several dimensions. Made of steel H13 parts follow strict international standards that ensure efficiency and economy!

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Ejection sleeve


D= Controlled Internal Diameter
D1= Outside Diameter
D2= Head Diameter
R= Head Radius
K= Head Thickness
L1= Overall Lenght
L2= Diameter length Adjusted
Material= 1.2344 (H13)
Norma= ISO 9405 / DIN 16756
Heat Treatment= Steel and Nitrided
Max. Working Temperature= 500ºC - 550ºC
Tolerance Ø d H5
Tolerance Ø d1 g6
Tolerance Ø d2 +0,0/-0,2mm

How To order:
Specify the item with the diameter D, length and diameter D1 L1. followed by "S" (bushing extractor).

Ejection Blade


A= Blade Lenght
B= Blade Width
D1= Body Diameter
D2= Head Diameter
R1= Head Radius
R2= Transition Radius
K= Head Thickness
L1= Overall lenght
Material = H13
Standard = ISO 6751
Heat treatment = Steel and Nitrided
Max. Working Temperature = 500ºC - 550ºC
Care Hardness = 40 - 45 HRC
Surface Layer Hardness = 60 - 70 HRC

How to order:
Specify the item indicating the dimensions of the blade "A" and "B" followed by the length L1.