A small size, but with a huge technology!

Every Hot Runner System needs an excellent thermal controller. The Mini Smart Temperature Controller is designed specifically for injections process.

Smarter and safer than any other controller in the market. And it’s 60% smaller!

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Key features of Smart Mini Temperature Controller:

Key features of Smart Mini Temperature Controller:

The temperature controller Polimold is a group of precision software and hardware that, not only provides thermal control to the hot runner system but also offers many functions to help the injection.

The eight zones model is provided set in a rack with WHEELS that can receive up to 96 temperature zones.

Main features of the Temperature Controller Mini Smart

Smaller, lighter, with modern electronic components and much more resources.

Modular system that ease the maintenance and speed up the replacement.

Now the first module can manage the rest, making it easier to send information, such as: connect, booster, stand by, set point and OFF.

With one single touch, it is possible to CHECK the ELECTRIC CURRENT of each temperature zone.

If the temperature range more than 20° C (68 °F) previously set, a new alarm system will display on the screen.

Quick and efficient. Now, THE ENTIRE configuration is made directly on the panel, no disassembly required.

Mini Smart Temperature Controller

Model Control Zones Code Energy Cable Voltage Accessory
Temperature Controller Individual Module (Without cabinet) Individual Module
(Without cabinet)
Temperature Controller 5 zones 5 zones CTMS5Z 3 ou 6 meters* 2220V ou 380V
Monophase ou Triphase
Temperature Controller 8 zones 8 zones CTMS8Z Rack with rotation
Temperature Controller 12 zones 12 Zones CTMS12Z

* For special set ups and more control zones, please contact us.

Single Temperature Controller

Model Control Zones Code Energy Cable Voltage Accessory
Temperature Controller Individual Module (Without cabinet) 1 Zone CTPMI1Z 3 ou 6 metros* 220V ou 380V
Monophase ou Triphase

Get to know the main functions of the Mini Smart Temperature Controller

Function Description
AdA Allows to turn on all the modules and load new setpoints by only adjusting the value, reducing the configuration time.
OFF Cuts the current to the resistance, keeping the sensors on and allowing to follow up on the screen the reduction of temperature. This function is ideal to check the thermal balance in the control zones.
STAND BY Ideal for a momentary stop of the molds. The modules adjust to a “stand by” temperature of 100°C, avoiding the wetting of the resistance or degradation of the material.
BOOST Increase the previously set temperature in 20°C, 40°C or 60°C, allowing restart a job more quickly. The reset of the previously set temperatures can be done by turning off this function.
Manual Mode Work condition in AN open circuit without temperature information of the thermocouple.
Automatic Mode Work condition in a closed circuit.
Soft Start Auto-function that gradually heats the resistance, eliminating the humidity and protecting the resistances against thermal shocks.
Microprocessed Module Allows the controller to adapt to the client’s use mode and improve its functions.
Set Point The “Set Point” temperatures can be limited, providing improved safety to molds that operate with materials that are sensitive to temperature changes.
Power Limit Allowing to program the max power limit to be released from the controller

To know more about the functioning of the Temperature Controller Polimold click here and download the user guide.

Polimold offers to our customers the security of acquiring a product warranted and with permanent assistance.

Polimold’s temperature controllershas 3 years of warranty, starting from the date of purchase.

We also have a technical departament with replacement parts in stock, so as the maintenance of the controller.

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