Protector shield for the Hot Runner.

Safe and complete, the Polimold Hot Half protects the Hot Runner System (Conventional or Valve Gate), guaranteeing the efficiency of injection.

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Hot Half

The Polimold Hot Half is made of a group of steel paltes that guarantee the integrity of the Hot Runner System and saves production time..

The manufacturing inside a temperature controlled room goes thru a strict quality control to ensure precise dimensions. It’s handled by expert technicians that PERFORM all the required tests before the final assembly of the mold.

The Hot Half is manufactured with different sorts of steel, depending on the injection of the mold.

Hot Half

We recommend the stainless steel, because the high cycle of production generates oxidation on the plates, reducing the life cycle of the mold.

Low production molds:

We recommend 1045 steel and P20, according to the needs of each project.

The amount of plates used to assemble the system depends on the plastic injection and it is determined by Polimold’s engineer team at the first stage of the project.

Multiple cavity molds:

The Polimold Hot Half is recommended for the injection of plastic parts in many markets, such as: automotive, packing, cosmetics, electronic devices, toys, construction, among others. Please check below a few cases of this product’s APPLICATION:


Appliances - Cuba Bebedouro
Packaging - Preform

Packaging - Flip Top Cover
Packaging - Lid

Civil Construction - Toilet Seat
Civil Construction - Tile

When quoting the conventional or valve gate Hot Runner System, please select the option Hot Half Polimold.

Please feel free to contact us and let us analyze your project and suggest the best option for your application.

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