In order to inject plastic parts with high quality and to have great products on the market, the Hot Runner System Polimold is perfect. It’s designed to make the injection process quick and efficient.

Polimold offers plenty of advantages and benefits for your company, aiming the efficiency of the industrial process and the growth of your business.

What is a Hot Runner System?

It’s a combine of components made of a distributor (manifold), nozzles and tips heated by heaters, and when put together to the mold works like the extension of the injector. That way, the machine keeps the material flow uniform for all the mold’s cavities, resulting in a product free of imperfections.

The Polimold System is supplied in two versions: conventional and valve gate. The configuration of the product is made according to the requirement of each plastic part.

Designed to many markets like: automotive, packing, cosmetics, electronic devices, among others.

Main advantages of Hot Runner System:

Comparing to the cold runner, the Polimold Hot Runner System is more efficient and precise, resulting in quality parts and savings to your business.

Among the numerous advantages, these are the highlights:

  • Reduction of raw materials, operating costs and the injection cycle.
  • Flexible design, compact and with endless possibilities.
  • Use different kinds of raw materials.
  • Wide range of standard bushings and tips for various applications.
  • Injected parts with dimensional stability, without tension.
  • Lower injection pressure, hence use of compact machines

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