Thursday, 07 December 2017 16:03

2D/3D Library

2D/3D Library

Since the beginning Polimold has always made sure all its standardized files are available for download.

And it couldn’t be any different on our new site: our whole product line is available for download in 2D and 3D files, making the easier for the draughtsman to choose the right tool.

You have two options when downloading the mold table: You can download each item individually (plates and components) or you can download the mold table as a whole.

Simply fill out the information of the mold table (such as series, sub-series, kind of steel, set up and kind of column)

After filling out the form you’ll have the number of your Polimold mold table. Just click “send” and in minutes you’ll receive the files in 2D and 3D in you e-mail.