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Nitrogen Gas Cylinders

Nitrogen Gas Cylinders

Indispensable in stamping parts that need quality and accuracy, the Polimold Nitrogen cylinders provide numerous benefits to your tooling, such as:

  • Increased productivity due to reduced need for any maintenance.
  • Full control of the force applied by the cylinders
  • Compact design, among other benefits

Manufactured in a fully automated environment, the Nitrogen cylinders have the unique concept "Life Plus" which aims to user safety, preservation and durability of the product, learn more about this concept:


Shield located on the cylinder rod which aims to:
• Maximum cylinder protection against liquid and solid contaminants.
• Seals and guides elements fully protected.
• Prevents internal pressure cylinder
• Reduced maintenance Costs

OSAS- Over Pressure Active Safety

Exclusive Active safety system, discharging the cylinder always before the collision with the body.

OPAS- Over Pressure Active Safety

Exclusive active safety system, discharging the cylinder when the cylinder is being subjected to an excess of pressure.

Long durability Design

Mono-block Design unique and innovative
Unlimited Resistance
Structural calculations as FKM, standard codes in 13445 complete analysis and FEM.
Project validated by exhaustive tests of structural strength of each component.

Nitrogen cylinders are divided by categories
Mini cylinders: M and NE series
Compacts: RV and S series
Extra Heavy: KE and ML series
ISO: Série SC / Série H

This product is the result of the partnership between Polimold and the Italian Special Springs one of the world leaders in this segment. The Polimold maintains the commitment to provide quality, products and services, with permanent stock, technical assistance provided and highly qualified staff to serve you.

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