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Mold Base

Mold Base

Polimold, the greatest manufacturer of mold bases in Latin America!

Complete line of standard mold bases with over 1.000.000 possibilities of assembly, following international rules of dimensions and coordinates.

Because a standardized Polimold Door Mold?

Polimold was the first in Brazil to introduce the concept of standardized tools for injection.

The standardization creates many advantages, such as:

  • More than 1.000.000 different combinations.
  • The quickest delivery time on the market.
  • Components with immediate reposition.
  • Reduced time and final cost of the tool.
  • Get to know all the Mold Base Polimold options like: 2 or 3 plates, machining and extra plates.
  • Find our products:

    Additional Info

    • Descrição Categoria Mold Base whith 2 plates and more 680.000 matches.

    Additional Info

    • Descrição Categoria Mold Base with 3 plates and more 240.000 matches.

    Additional Info

    • Descrição Categoria Square milled plates with grinded surfaces for many different applications.

    Additional Info

    • Descrição Categoria Optimize the development time by acquiring Polimold machining.